Shannon ThenShannon Gunawardana

As President of OSOP it is my job to oversee all of the society’s activities. By holding regular meetings and getting regular updates I am able give a helping hand to anyone who needs it and ensure that everything is running smoothly! 





Monica Then

Monica Davies

Hi! I’m the OSOP treasurer. I’m in charge of all the finances of the society.






Izzie Then

Izzie Tol

Hi! I’m Izzie, this year’s paedsoc secretary. My role on the committee is mainly to organise and minute the paedsoc meetings.






Harriet Fodder
Events Officer

Hi I’m Harriet, I’m a fourth year in charge of events at OSOP. If you’d like to recommend a speaker, or would like us to explore a topic, get in touch with me at





Hannah Then

Hannah Cornwall and Gwen Cartwright
Academic Officers

Hi! We are the academic reps, in charge of organising the peads revision sessions and pBLS. We also aim to promote academic paediatrics beyond the syllabus, whether it be by helping people get involved with research, getting interesting speakers, or organising events for those interested in a careers in paediatrics.





Gwen Then









Danny Then

Danny Simpson
IT and Publicity Officer

Hey! I’m Danny and as IT and Publicity officer I am responsible for OSOP’s online presence and promoting the society. This includes maintaining the website and social media, keeping the mailing list up to date and sending out emails.





Jess ThenJess Gillard and Jonny Drake
Teddy Bear Hospital Coordinators

Hi, we’re the coordinators for Teddy Bear Hospital Oxford! This is a medical school volunteering scheme, which runs workshops at local schools with the aim of improving children’s understanding of health and healthcare. Sessions cover themes such as the role of doctors, medical equipment, and the importance of balanced diet and exercise.











Olivia Parham and Charlotte Nesbitt
Play Helpers Coordinators

As Play Helpers Coordinators, we hope to encourage and help more people to join in the fun of playing with children who are waiting for their appointments at the outpatient clinic. 





Gabriella Then

Gabriella Kelly
Pre-Clinical Representative

As preclinical representative my role is to ensure that all first, second and third year medical students know about what’s going on in the society and to help them get involved. OSOP is a great way to get a taster of what’s to come in clinical school so if you’re interested, send me an email!




Our committee is supported by our senior members Professor Philip Goulder and
Professor Peter Sullivan.