Gabriella Kelly

As this years OSOP president, I am in charge of overseeing the committee, helping out with the organisation and running of events and trying to keep everything running smoothly. If there is something you would like to see us put on for students then please get in contact with me!





Alex Thomas

Hi, I’m Alex, the OSOP treasurer this year. My role is to look after the society’s finances and fundraising efforts.







Bronny Harbinson

Hi, I’m the OSOP secretary for this year. My main role is to organise and minute the meetings. 






Ruby Lawrence
Events Officer

Hi I’m Ruby, I’m in charge of events at OSOP. If you’d like to recommend a speaker, or would like us to explore a topic, please get in touch!






Jen Appleby and Garry Mallett
Academic Officer

Hi! We’re the academic officers for OSOP this year. We arrange revision sessions at the end of each Paediatrics placement for the 5th years in preparation for the OSCE and MCQ, with lectures and practising history taking and prescribing. We also coordinate sending out a google drive folder of revision materials, which we update in line with changes to the exams.



Frankie Bell-Davies
IT and Publicity Officer

Hi, I’m Frankie, the IT and publicity officer. It’s my job to look after the OSOP website and social media profile, as well as promoting OSOP events and opportunities through Facebook and our mailing list.







Amy Lyons and Maddie Turner
Teddy Bear Hospital Coordinators

Hi, we’re the coordinators for Teddy Bear Hospital Oxford – we run sessions for local schools & youth groups so kids can learn more about health & healthcare!








Kavi Loganathan
Play Helpers Coordinator

I’m Kavi, the play helpers organiser for this year. I run monthly sessions in the JR with medics from all year groups – we basically just turn up and play! The kids in outpatients are often nervous waiting for appointments so we do our best to distract them and keep them engaged in the waiting room. It’s not difficult and really makes a difference to their hospital experience! We’re always looking for more people to get involved so get in contact if you’d be keen to join!


Sofia Baldelli
Pre-Clinical Representative

Hi, I’m Sofia and as Pre-Clinical representative it’s my job to ensure all Pre-clinical students know what events OSOP are running and how to get involved! OSOP is a great way to get an early taste of some clinical medicine so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to be involved!





Our committee is supported by our senior members Professor Philip Goulder and
Professor Peter Sullivan.