Cornerstones in the Whirligig of Time: the world’s 1st paediatric virtual academic unit


When: 5pm, Friday 12th August

Where: Classroom 6, Academic Corridor, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Love paediatrics? Care about the importance of research? How about paediatrics’ first *virtual* academic establishment?

Come along to this OSOP event to hear a thrilling talk by Dr Andrew Williams – winner of the 2015 WellChild Doctor Award. His work spans many realms as a consultant community paediatrician, medical historian, curator of the archive at the Northampton General Hospital, playwright and filmmaker.

In 2004, being unable to obtain any academic/clinical research funding he set up in Northampton the world’s first paediatric Virtual Academic Unit. This innovative entirely internet based structure still runs unfunded to this day. The Virtual Academic Unit in partnership with tertiary centres bothnationally and internationally helps to define new variants of neurodegenerative conditions and allows ongoing work in the medical humanities.

This is the talk he wished he had heard when he started Oxford clinical training in 1987. It’s about making the most of what you have and making the most of every day within paediatrics and beyond.

As always, there will be a variety of delicious homemade sandwiches!!!!

For those particularly keen beans – take a peek at ‘The First Day’ (2015) a short film recreating 18th century hospital child health care at Northampton General Infirmary 1744, written and directed by Dr Williams.

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