The Great Leveller? Experiences in paediatric palliation from the UK, the Middle East and Uganda

Time: 6pm, 7th March

Place: Classroom 6, Academic Corridor (of Academic Centre), John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. Find a site map here

Interested in paediatrics? Palliative care? Working abroad? Then don’t miss out on this speaker event!

Renée McCulloch is a Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Medicine at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London and also works at Helen and Douglas House in Oxford.

Renée first developed an interest in children’s palliative care in 1994 when she did her elective in Uganda, working with children dying from AIDS. Since then she built and developed her career in paediatric palliative medicine completing her post-graduate paediatric specialist training in London and Oxford, including a Fellowship in Sydney. Renée has worked in the field since 1999 and has a broad background that includes working in tertiary paediatric hospitals, children’s hospices and delivering palliative care at home.

Between 2010 and 2013 Renée and her family went to live and work in Kuwait. Renée was instrumental in helping to establish the first children’s palliative care service in the Middle East initially in the children’s cancer centre and then at Bayt Abdullah children’s hospice.

Dr McCulloch has contributed widely to the specialty of children’s palliative care and enjoys being involved in research, training and education. We are very lucky that she plans to share her experiences with us.

This is no doubt going to be an extremely gripping talk so add it to your calendars! See you there!